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About – Alhsan Construction Nigeria LTD

About Us

Our Story

Alhsan Construction Nigeria Limited is a fast growing and dynamic Nigerian construction company offering integrated construction solutions and related services. we specialize in accomplishing various construction works that require the highest levels of technical expertise and excel in the implementation of state-of-the-art construction techniques and technologies. Core competencies cover all project segments, including planning, design, engineering, construction, maintenance and operation, for road, building, infrastructure and industry projects. The magnitude of projects we are currently handling clearly shows that our Quality Management and Execution Systems are well equipped to consistently meet clients’ needs and that quality is continuously improved, as we are well ahead of our projected delivery date. Combined with our collaborative approach, our drive towards innovation, expansive experience and resources through continuous knowledge gathering underpins our project success.

Our Core Values

What We Offer

Our services are based on strict and simple principle which act as a standard for our company and they are:

Meticulous Planning

Projects to be embarked on are carefully planned with seasoned experts who are adept to paying attention to the minutest of detail. This is to ensure that all the areas concerning the successful execution of the projects are well prepared for.

Completion On Time

Timely project completion is what our company wants to be known for, thus, efforts are always being made to ensure our workforce are adequately motivated and well prepared to deliver before all projected date. Flexibility and creative techniques are also employed.

Affordable Prices

The provision of construction services while taking into account the budget limitation is a is one of our strong points. We continually aim at the provision of cost effective construction services while maintaining our standard of excellence.

Our Team Of Experts

Abdulrahman Hassan


Abdulrahman Hassan


Abdulrahman Hassan


We Provide the Best Service in The Industry